MIL AIP Denmark

The information in this MIL AIP is gathered from a number of different sources. Great care has been taken in ensuring the validity and accuracy of the information, and it is considered to be as reliable as possible at the time of publication. Always consult NOTAMS for the latest information

ENR 0. En Route

ENR 1. General Rules and Procedures

ENR 2. Air Traffic Services Airspace

ENR 3. ATS/CDR Routes

ENR 4. Radio Navigation Aids/Systems

ENR 5. Navigational Warning

ENR 6. En Route Charts

AD 0. Aerodromes

AD 1. Aerodromes, Introduction

AD 2. Aerodromes

EKKA Karup

EKSP Skrydstrup

EKYT Aalborg

AD 3. Other Aerodromes

BGNO Station Nord

BGMV Mestersvig

Air Command


Air Command Denmark
Herningvej 30
7470 Karup J

Telephone: +45 7284 0000





Herningvej 30
7470 Karup J

Telephone: +45 728 11516