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New IAP to EKSB effective date 22 APR



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Flying in Denmark (.pdf) Miscellaneous
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FWSKP FLIP (.pdf - 47 MB) Copenhagen Area Chart
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A.P. Kyed
(Head of Office)
H. Hvidtfeldt
(Proc. Design)
L.P. Wells
(Ass. Proc.)
M. Finn-Kelcey
(Ass. Proc.)

+45 728 11516

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+45 205 77031

Postal address:
Air Command Denmark, Herningvej 30,
DK-7470 Karup J.  DENMARK

This website has been created to assist military aircrews flying in Copenhagen FIR. Information on these pages will be kept up to date during normal working hours only. Navigational warnings for week-ends and public holidays will be published on the previous "work-day". The information on this site is collated from a number of varied sources and is considered to be as reliable as possible at the time of publication. TACDEN Flight Information Service, while exercising great care in the compilation of this information, will not be responsible for the accuracy of the contents of AIS publications, omissions therein, the adequacy or the receipt of this information. Nor will any responsibility be accepted for the content of pages, linked to from this website.

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